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Rebecca Dunne, 2012 MRN Contestant, wears a custom dress and jacket of
Flaming Copper Baroque Leather by D'Anton, teamed with Beaded Fabric Lace.
Bridle to Bridal Designs specializes in custom clothing for the discerning horsewoman.

As a former Miss Rodeo Nevada, Becci Maloney brings her design perspective to you with the additional knowledge of having "been there, done that".
Together we will work as a team to ensure that your special day is enhanced by the comfort
that comes from well made, custom designed attire.

Being a Rodeo Queen is a unique experience and Bridle to Bridal Designs is here incorporating leather, fabric, embroidery, and imagination to make sure that your pageant appearance is all that you dream of.
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Phone: 435-896-1891

Cell:    702-524-8865

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